Karma Effect

Free-standing fireplace with flue exhaust - classic elegant style

..........In holiday homes, you'll appreciate that gas fireplaces can withstand sub-zero temperatures without affecting their functionality. 


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The free-standing gas fireplace has an air intake from the room and a flue exhaust leading through a chimney. They are made of thick-walled sheet metal. These elegant fireplaces can heat rooms where there is a chimney connection with gas extraction and an air supply to ensure safe operation. They are ideal for heating houses, apartments, holiday homes and offices. Especially in holiday homes, you will appreciate that gas fireplaces can withstand sub-zero temperatures without affecting their functionality. The design of the combustion chamber, supplemented by ceramic elements (supplied with the product) above the burner, allows a view of the blazing fire through the glazed front opening, which is comparable to wood-burning fireplaces. Unlike conventional solid fuel stoves, gas fireplaces can be set to the desired room temperature, which is then automatically maintained. The rooms are therefore not overheated and are used significantly more efficiently with regard to the economy of operation. In the case of stoves equipped with the By‑pass function, the burner can be set to run continuously regardless of the thermostat setting. The fireplace is equipped with mechanical temperature control, piezoelectric ignition and a flue gas extraction safety device in the case of the mechanical version. For fireplaces equipped with an electronic system, remote control is also available. This significantly increases the heating efficiency and usefulness of the fireplace.

Complete operational safety

Automatic maintenance of the set temperature

Depending on the type (*), manual or remote control operation

In the mechanical version, the fireplace does not require a connection to a power source

The design of the fireplace allows you to watch the fire burning

The fireplace is manufactured for natural gas or propane-butane according to the type

Highly elegant appearance

·         We recommend using a base (metal, glass, ceramic) under the fireplace

Weight (kg)84
Gas connectionG ½“
External dimensions – w x d x h (mm)480 x 660 x 725

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