Ruben Garden L

The Ruben Garden firepit will enrich any terrace or garden with its design and lively flames.


The Polyrey® material is highly resistant to external harmful effects (cracks, impacts, abrasions, stains, moisture, scratches, heat, cigarette burns, chemicals, and cleaning agents). To provide safety in contact with food, the surface is treated with silver ions to make it 
antimicrobial It is a unique solution for social events in the open air. The combination of garden table, heater and grill delivers three uses in one. Thanks to its height, it easily replaces a garden table and harmonizes with other standard garden furniture. The spacious top can easily accommodate food and drinks for 4 or more people.


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A great solution for lovers of barbecues and open air relaxation. The minimalist, clean-line design consists of high-quality materials resistant to adverse weather conditions. The focus of the firepit is a stainless-steel burner with complimentary lava stones and ceramic logs, which make the fire look truly authentic. Food-lovers will enjoy the cast iron pan, on which they can grill their favorite delicacies until golden-brown. The thermal output of up to 8.8 kW will warm up even the most cold-blooded individuals, and allow for an extension of the outdoor season. The large top provides ample space to replace a garden table for eating and drinking.

A firepit is a focal point for entertaining friends and family in the garden, on a terrace or as an outdoor bar.

The top can be made of durable wood or a more resistable polyrey. The base is made of painted metal in a black semi-matte finish. The propane- butane cylinder and battery ignition system are tucked away inside the base. The firepit can be used without limits in any outdoor space, with the wind and flame guard increasing the safety of operation.

  • Robust painted metal base
  • Square top made of wood or laminate
  • Extra-strong square burner
  • Metal burner cover
  • Realistic flames
  • Barbecue on a double-sided cast iron skillet
  • Glass wind guard
  • Quick installation
  • Easy and safe operation
  • Easily portable
  • Odourless flame
  • Environmentally friendly

technical parameters

Ruben Garden

dimensions w x d x h

100 x 100 x 70 cm


54,5 kg

type of propane/ butane cylinder

5 kg


8,8 kW

gas usage

0,64 kg/h

ignition system

piezo-electric (1 x AAA battery)

frame material

painted metal

filling material


cover plate material




Barrique Outdoor Fireplace Accessories

Glass Wind Guard

Protective tempered glass for Ruben with square fireplace. The glass protects the fireplace flame from wind and at the same time increases its safety for example when children are around.

Rozměry: ø 50 cm x 17 cm, Váha: 4 kg

Grilling Pan with Stand

Round cast iron pan of 40 cm diameter offers two grill surface options. Smooth surface and ribbed surface that burns characteristic strips on the food and drains excess fat. Cast iron warms up evenly and keeps warm for a long time. After several uses, cast iron absorbs fat and creates a patina. This is very desirable because it makes the surface non-stick.

Dimensions: ø 35 cm pan (ø 44 cm stand), Weight: 5 kg The stand is included.

Grilovací pánev s podstavcemGrilovací pánev + podstavec

Ceramic Logs

The set of three ceramic logs is an ideal accessory for Barrique fireplace with round burner. The logs together with lava stones placed on the burner create authentic flame and aesthetic effect of natural wood burning. Moreover, the logs accumulate heat and then radiate it and thus warm their surroundings.

set 3 - keramická polena

Lava Rocks in Brick Colour

Make your fireplace special with the burner fill of lava rocks in brick colour. Or you can create a mix with anthracite stones that are supplied with the fireplace as standard

lávové kameny - červené


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