Lightline 90 LFR

The Lightline 90 LFR is a bio fireplace with a three-sided design and a length of 90 cm. The three-sided design of the fireplace allows a view into the flames from the front and from both sides 

A Lightline bio fireplace will enrich the space with the magical atmosphere of living flames. Its appeal is enhanced by the fact that it generates no dust or ash and is easy to install, without the need for a chimney or building permits. The elegant design of this bio fireplace is simply the icing on the cake, and makes every fire a living work of art.


The Lightline 90 LFR is a built-in bio fireplace with a three-sided design and a length of 90 cm. The bio fireplace is made from quality steel painted with a heat-resistant semi-matte black paint. The burners are made from quality stainless steel. The glass insert protects you from direct flames.

Installing the fireplace is easy. There is no need for a chimney or other exhaust. You can do it all without a building permit.

CAUTION: the bio fireplace must only be built into non-combustible material. The bio fireplace must not be built into flammable materials, such as wood, plasterboard, etc.

The easy-to-use bio fireplace is sure to delight any lady of the house. Pour the required amount of bio-alcohol into the burner using a funnel and light it with a lighter. Use the control knob to change the intensity of the flames. Extinguishing the bio fireplace is easy; simply cover the burner with the non-flammable cover.

When burning bio-alcohol, there is no clutter, no ash, smoke or fumes. Very little carbon dioxide and water vapour are released during combustion. Like when you exhale. Living flames radiate mild heat, which does not heat the whole room, but in an insulated room you'll appreciate that it doesn't get too hot.

Technical parameters

Dimensions: 90 x 45 x 20,3 cm

Weight: 24 kg

Bio-alcohol reservoir size: 0,9 l

Burn time: 65 min. at max. output

Maximum output: 0,7 - 1,9 kW

Bio-alcohol feed: mechanical

Material: steel structure, stainless-steel burner, glass

Fireplace type: built-in 


The package includes:

burner cover


control handles


Photos of accessories are illustrative. 

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