Karma Beta 4 Comfort 02

The flue exhaust of BETA 4 Comfort 02 under-window gas convection heaters (3.9 kW heat output) exits through the wall. They are equipped with an electronic temperature control system and can also be controlled by a room thermostat.

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  • Model description Karma Beta 4 Comfort 02

    The flue exhaust of BETA series under-window gas convection heaters exits through the wall. The functions of these heaters are entirely comparable with other means of heating.

    BETA Comfort gas heaters are provided with a very dark tinted glass. When it is ignited, the special design of the burner enables an unobstructed view of the flames. They are equipped with an electronic temperature control system that controls ignition of the burner, the flame, the gas supply and all the other functions involving the operation and safety of the heater. Beta Comfort heaters have a gas consumption up to 25% lower than BETA Mechanic heaters; in idle mode the consumption is actually zero. Their high reliability and long service life are a matter of course.

    BETA heaters go together with any interior. They feature modern control elements, have a high degree of efficiency and a low purchase cost. They are ideal for heating family houses, cottages, shops or offices. You will particularly appreciate that BETA gas heaters can withstand freezing temperatures experienced in cottages, while not affecting their functionality.

    The advantage of BETA heaters is their option to independently heat individual rooms. The right choice of heater size will ensure low gas consumption in every room while maintaining maximum efficiency. Additional savings can be achieved by installing a heater with electronic ignition connected to an external controller (i.e. a room thermostat).

    BETA heaters are characterised by their total operational safety. The gas supply is automatically switched off in case of any faults and the combustion chamber is gas-tight. The Electronic version of these heaters can be controlled using a room thermostat. It is possible to link multiple heaters to one room thermostat. By setting the optimal mode of heating, additional significant reductions in gas consumption can be achieved.

    BETA 4 Comfort 02 can also be controlled with a room thermostat.


    • 3.9 kW heat output
    • Heats spaces up to 80 m³
    • Design gives the illusion of a blazing fire
    • Target room temperature is maintained automatically
    • Electronical temperature control for a heat range of 0°C to 40°C
    • High efficiency


    • Time switch enables automatic on and off switching of the heater
    • Safe operation
    • Gas-tight combustion chamber
    • Wall mounted
    • Made for natural gas (G20) use, but propane-butane (G30) is also possible


  • The model parameters Karma Beta 4 Comfort 02

    Colour Anthracite
    Weight (kg) 23
    Temperature control (°C) 0 to 40
    Voltage / Power consumption (V / W) 230  / 9.4
    Electrical protection IP 20
    Gas connection G1/2″
    External dimensions – w x d x h (mm) 670 x 215 x 600
    Space heated (m³) up to 80
    Max. rated heat output (kW) 3.9
    Max. rated heat input (kW) 4.5
    Consumption – Natural gas (m³/h) 0.43
    Consumption – Propane-butane (kg/h) 0.32
    Efficiency (%) 87


  • Accessories for model Karma Beta 4 Comfort 02

    Construction of exhaust is by pipe-in-pipe system.

    We sell 60 cm or 82 cm diameter exhaust tubes.

    Accessories for BETA heaters are sold separately.


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