Karma Alfa POV-13 ZP

Wall mounted ALFA POV-13 ZP instantaneous water heaters provide up to 13 l of hot water per minute for multiple supply points.

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  • Model description Karma Alfa POV-13 ZP

    ALFA series instantaneous water heaters only heat water when you need it. They have very low operating costs and are particularly suitable when there is no need for frequent or long usage. Their flue exhaust is directed into chimneys and they are designed to heat water for multiple supply points.

    The ALFA POV-13 ZP is provided with several safety features and does not require an electrical connection.

    These continuous flow water heaters are activated by means of an integrated piezoelectric lighter. The pilot light remains permanently lit even after turning off the supply of hot water, i.e. when the main burner has been turned off. These water heaters are also equipped with a control for the main burner.


    • Up to 13 l of hot water per minute
    • 22.6 kW max. rated heat output
    • Optional connection of multiple supply points
    • Emergency termostat prevents water from overheating
    • Valve for preventing backflow of flue gases


    • Heat exchanger made of copper plates
    • Plastic fittings are resistant to calcification
    • Connection to mains is not required
    • Flow heaters use natural gas

  • The model parameters Karma Alfa POV-13 ZP


    Colour White
    Weight (kg) 13
    Type of ignition Piezoelectric
    Max. rated heat output (kW) 22.6
    Min. rated heat output (kW) 7.0
    Max. rated heat input (kW) 26.0
    Consumption – Natural gas (m³/h) 2.9
    Hot water flow rate (l/min) up to 13
    External dimensions – Height (mm) 755
    External dimensions – Width (mm) 400
    External dimensions – Depth (mm) 220
    Ducting (mm) 130
    Electrical connection No


  • Accessories for model Karma Alfa POV-13 ZP

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